Assign Head of Delegation (HoD)

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Assign Head of Delegation (HoD)

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Permission levels: Meeting Participant Approver (MPA); Participants

Assign Head of Delegation (HoD)

The head of delegation (HoD) can be assigned by the participant himself or by the MPA. This role can be assigned during the registration of the person (registration details) or at a later stage by editing the registration.

A participant can assign himself the role of HoD only if the role is not already assigned to another person of the same delegation. However MPA of the delegation can change it and decide to assign this role to another delegate.

If at the registration deadline no HoD has been nominated for a delegation then a notification is sent to the MPA. If only one person is registered for the delegation, this person becomes automatically by default HoD.

When the registration of a participant is cancelled or disapproved, the role of HoD is automatically removed and can therefore be assigned to another delegate. 

Please note

The role of HoD exist only for delegations of TC/SC meetings. There are no HoD for liaisons and for WG meetings

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