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Access from Applications portal

Who can access Documents


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All users allowed to access a committee documents

Applications portal

All online services can be accessed from the Applications portal. Once on that page, click on the Documents tile.

Please note

Documents is being used by different standards development working areas: international, regional, and national. Even though each may have its own Applications portal, they all point towards the same Documents application. 

Who can access Documents

  • All people with a direct role in the Committee/Working Group (Officers, Committee Members, Voters, Document monitors, Liaison Representatives (LR), partners, etc...)
  • Indirect roles: Committee Managers and support teams of committees in liaison


From the top right-hand corner, click on your email address and from the dropdown menu, select Logout.


Please keep our systems safe. Never share your user name and password with others!

Internet Explorer is not supported by Documents. Please contact if you do not have the possibility to use another browser.

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