ISOlutions national meetings user: see how to use the Help Beacon

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The platform you are using can contain international, regional and national working areas. 

The following article contains information that is relevant in the context of activities carried out for your National Standardization Body. For activities carried out for an international or regional organization please refer to those applicable guidelines. 

Permission level: ISOlutions national meetings users

ISOlutions national meetings user: How to use the Help Beacon

As a ISOlutions national meetings* user, you now have access to the ISOlutions Help Beacon when you are within the working area of your NSB*.

*National meetings will be available to you via the meetings platform, only if your NSB is an ISOlutions member and has already been onboarded into the new ISOlutions national meetings platform.

  1. The ISOlutions Help Beacon is an orange question mark icon that can be found on the bottom left-hand corner of the meetings applications.
  2. The Answers tab in the Beacon contains knowledge articles that will address your ‘how to’ and ‘why’ queries regarding the application. 
      • You can search for support articles in this tab
      • You can read the articles within the beacon box or click on the article title to read it on the knowledgebase directly
  3. If you cannot find what you are looking for, you can reach the ISO Helpdesk for questions related to features and functionalities and technical issues via the Ask tab in the Beacon. For any questions related to the meeting organization, national rules and regulations, etc., please reach out to your national secretary, support team or the national helpdesk.

Please note

These support articles available via the Help Beacon were created keeping in mind ISO specific features, functionalities, rules, and regulations. While there are many articles that you could benefit from for your questions about National meetings related features and functionalities, the screenshots, and gifs within the article may be ISO specific. 

You can see the ISOlutions Help Beacon, when you are within the working areaof your NSB only. If you modify your working area, you will view:

  • The working area-neutral Help Beacon, when you select no working area
  • The ISO Help Beacon, when you have selected ISO as the working area
  • The CEN Help Beacon, when you have selected CEN as the working area.

To read more about working area selection in the meetings application, please read the article: Navigating across ISO, CEN, and National meetings.

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