Preliminary stage (OSD)

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Document workflow during Preliminary stage

The Preliminary stage is slightly different from all the others stages. Since it is a very early phase of the project, all substages are open to collaborative work. Meaning, this is the only stage where the online document is open for drafting and commenting throughout all substages except when the proposal is abandoned (stage 00.98).

Roles during Preliminary stage

At this stage, WG Officers* and parent committees Officers** are Leaders on the online document. All other roles are by default Readers (i.e. Committee members, Liaison representatives, Partners, and Document monitors). 

The Leaders set up the project team by granting the relevant permissions to the members participating to the document authoring. To know more about Setting up a project team, refer to the article at the bottom of the page. 

To better understand roles and their associated permissions, please refer to the article OSD permissions linked at the bottom of the page. 

* WG Officers: Convenor, Convenor/Secretary support team, Twinned Convenor, WG Secretary and Project Leader

** Parent committees officers: TC/SC officers (Committee Manager, Committee Manager support team, Twinned Committee Manager, Chairperson, Chairperson support team, Vice Chairperson, Chair-elect) 

Summary of permissions during preliminary stage

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How do I access the online document?

There are several ways to access your online document, check the article Accessing online document referenced at the bottom of this page. 

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If your project has no online document yet, the Committee Manager can activate it directly in Projects. For more information on how to do this, please check the article Activate online document

How do I start working on the online document?

Once the online document is active, and the Committee or WG Officers* have defined the project team, each team member can start authoring and commenting on the online document. 

  • Check articles from the category Drafting in an Online Document, to know more about how to author a document
  • Check articles from the category Commenting in an Online Document, to know more about how to comment on a document
  • Check articles from the category Resolve Comments in an Online Document, to know more about how to resolve comments (Committee and WG officers only).

How do I move my project to the next stage (00.20, 00.60, 00.98, 00.99)?

During Preliminary stage, to move your project to the next substage, you need to inform your Technical Programme Manager (TPM) at ISO CS, so that he can update it in Projects. 

To know who your TPM is, open the project details within Projects. 

At stage 00.99, the Committee Manager can submit to ISO/CS the eForm4. This action will automatically create the NP ballot to circulate the document to members for commenting. The project stage will automatically move from 10.00 when the NP ballot is created. 

Unless the project gets cancelled (00.98), the online document stays available for authoring. 

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