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All users allowed to access a committee documents

N document life cycle


Only users with a Documents Manager permission level on the committee can create or edit a N-document.

General, Ballot, Decision, Meeting, and Project documents are Numbered documents with additional relevant metadata such as Document type, Expected action, etc. For more information on these metadata, please read the article "Create document" linked at the bottom of this page. 

A N document can sit in 5 different status:

The diagram below depicts the life cycle of a N document:

Files life cycle

Please note

  • Files can be created and edited by users with a Documents Manager or a Documents Contributor permission levels on the committee. 
  • Files can only be uploaded in specific folders. For more information on which folder, please read the article "Browse committee documents" linked at the bottom of this page. 

Files can only sit one status : Available. 

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