Register to social event and add guests

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Permission levels: Participants; Meeting Organizer


  • A mandatory registration is required for participants (and their guests) wishing to participate to a social event (e.g. dinner).
  • Only confirmed participant can register to social events and/or register guests

Register to social event

From the Meeting details page, click on Manage Sessions & Events button or click on the Sessions & events tab at the top of the page.

1 Select the social event of your interest

2 Click on Register

Register guest to social event

Participants who are travelling with an accompanying person (spouse, partner etc.) wishing to participate to a social event, must register them as such to the meeting. A guest can be registered to a social event even if the associated participant is not registered.

Please note

Guests are not allowed to participate to the meeting

To register a guest to a social event:

1 Go to the social event section and click on + Add a Guest

2 Select your guest and enter the relevant information

Click on Valid to add the guest.

If you have no guest in the list or cannot find the relevant guest, click on Create a guest and complete all relevant information about your guest

Please note

Before creating a new guest, you will be asked to confirm that your guest consents to his/her registration and use of his/her personal data in the Meetings application in accordance with the Declaration on copyright and data protection for participants in events.

The guests you create will be associated with your profile and therefore you can update the information about your guests directly via My Profile. The information about guests is only visible by the participant to which the guest is associated to, the MPA of the participant and the meeting organizer (MO).

Cancel registration to social event

To cancel your registration or your guest registration to a social event, go the social event of your interest and click on the little bin symbol next to your name or your guest name:

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