Option A: National Commenting within OSD

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Voters; NMC Secretary and Chair

Please note

National commenting in OSD (option A) is only available for members managing National Mirror Committees (NMCs) in the Global Directory (GD). If you are unsure whereas your NSB has registered the NMCs in GD, please contact your User Administrator.

Online Member Commenting process overview

For more information on the different options of participation to the OSD Member Commenting view the article: Member Commenting - getting started

Member commenting in the OSD can ease members' national commenting processes when it comes to International Standards:

  • Improve commenting for national experts
  • Facilitate consensus building with improved consolidation and management of national comments  by voters
  • Simplify submission of national comments by voters
  • Respecting members' processes currently in place

Below you can see the overall Online Member Commenting process. Voter must disseminate the link of the online document to NMCs Secretaries using the member usual distribution channel. Permissions to access and comment on the Online CD draft are driven directly from the Global Directory. All national experts registered in the NMCs related to the ISO committee will be able to provide comments in the documents. The NMCs Secretaries will then be able to view the comments, consolidate the comments and submit all relevant national comments to ISO.

Default permissions for NMCs members

Permissions to access the Online CD draft are driven by the role of users in the National Mirror Committees (NMCs) related to the ISO committee launching the CD consultation. 

Default permissions for NMCs members

The below table summarizes the default permissions in OSD for the NMCs members

National role (NMC) Permission in Online Document (OSD)

National Secretary and support team

National Chair


  • Responsible to consolidate national comments and submit national comments to ISO
  • Accept/Reject national comments

National Committee Member

National Observer


  • Can provide comments in the Online Draft.
  • Can see other National Committee Members / Observers comments.
  • Can support other National Committee Members / Observers comments

Please note

If more than one NMC is link to an ISO committee, National Committee Members / Observors can view comments from all NMCs. 

Example of an ISO committee with related NMCs in the Global Directory

In the below example, the NSB has 3 NMCS related to the ISO/TC 34 committee. When a CD consultation opens for ISO/TC 34, the National Committee Members / Observers of NSB/TC 1, NSB/TC 2 and NSB/TC 3 will be able to provide comments online in the document. The National Secretaries of the 3 NMCs will then need to coordinate to consolidate the national comments and submit all relevant comments to ISO.

Online Member Commenting process step-by-step

1 Voter access CD consultation to retrieve CD draft document

As a voter, you are notified when a new CD consultation opens. From the notification message, you can access the CD consultation to retrieve the CD draft and related document in the reference documents section and disseminate the CD and/or DIS document to national stakeholders for commenting. When a project is developed online, the CD and/or DIS draft document is online and the document is accessible via a link called "Access online Document".

2 Voter distributes the Online Document link to national Stakeholders (NMCs)

Voter retrieves the link to the online document from the balloting application and disseminates it to national stakeholders by the usual channels.

Note for ISOlutions members using NEB

For ISOlutions members using NEB, the Online Document link is automatically available in the National ballot (NPOS). For more information view: Online member commenting for ISOlutions members during CD Consultation and DIS/FDIS ballot

3 National Committee Members provide comments in the Online Document

National Committee Members provides comments directly in the context of the document. 

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4 Voter and/or NMCs' Secretaries consolidate and submit the comments to ISO

Once the national experts have provided their comments in the online document, they become visible to the other members of the NMCs.  The voter and/or NMCs' Secretaries can start to review the comments provided and submit relevant comments to ISO.

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