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2021/05 Release

Released on 2021-05-18

  • TMB resolution 20/2020 - JDMT Recommendation 11/201912: agenda for fully virtual WG meetings must be submitted at least 4 weeks before start date of the meeting (vs 6 weeks for onsite or onsite/virtual WG meetings). Notification to meeting organizers and TPMs will be sent accordingly, first reminder at 8 weeks, and second reminder at 4 weeks before meeting start date. Notification will not be sent if the task is marked as complete.
  • TMB resolution 27/2020 - DMT Recommendation 08/2019: WG meeting minutes and attendance lists must be submitted within 4 weeks of closure of the meeting. Notification to meetings organizers and TPMs will be sent accordingly, first reminder at closure of meeting, and second reminder at the deadline: closure + 4 weeks. Notification will not be sent if the task is marked as complete.
  • Meeting coordinator of the of the NSB hosting an onsite meeting, will receive a notification when a participant requests an invitation letter for visa purposes in their registration form.

2020/11 Release

Released on 2020-11-18

  • All meetings in “Proposed” status that are past their end date will be deleted. Meeting organizers will be duly notified prior each deletion.
  • Complying with GDPR guidelines, attendee e-mail addresses will no longer be displayed in the PDF attendance list. 
  • Tooltip added on the red alert icon in the "Overview" page to indicate missing tasks to be completed by meeting organizers
  • Attendee page will display “self-registered“ or “registered by an MPA“ for participants
  • Officers of Child Structure can register to direct parent meetings even in 'Registration deadline' status
  • Registration deadline date of meetings can be modified up to two days prior to start date of meeting
  • Meeting feedback survey sent to TPMs and meeting organizers includes more meaningful descriptions of the questions asked to participants
  • ISO Technical Editors (Editorial Programme Managers) can view meetings for their committees in the “MY Meetings” section
  • Meeting participant approvers (MPA) of parent committees and Centralized MPAs can view their NSB’s participants in the child working group meetings
  • Hovering over a Committee number will display the English and French title of the committee via a tooltip throughout the application 
  • Exported meeting lists will contain English and French title of the committee
  • “My meetings“ section will display meetings where the user is registered by an MPA, in addition to meetings in which the user has a role
  • Missing mandatory fields in the registration form will be highlighted for more clarity
  • Technical upgrade and bug fixes

2020/10 Release

Released on 2020-10-21

  • flexible meeting start, end times and time zones.
  • adding a meeting to a personal calendar (available only for confirmed participants)
  • easy filter to sort participants by type of attendance (virtual or onsite)
  • more flexibility to change type of confirmed meeting (e.g. from Onsite or Onsite/Virtual meetings to Virtual only meetings).
  • automated notification to impacted users upon meeting type change
  • Virtual meeting password field
    • all committee officers can insert and modify the virtual meeting password field
    • all confirmed attendees can view the virtual meeting password field
  • Committee officers with an ISO Zoom account (that matches their ISO account) can schedule a zoom meeting from within the ISO meetings application for a meeting in which they have a direct role as committee officer.
  • The User Interface (UI) of ISO Meetings applications has been harmonised with (i.e. similar look and feel across our applications to facilitate overall readability) for a more seamless user experience.

2020/05 Release

Released on 2020-07-06

Released on 2020-05-09

  • COVID19 restriction: Only virtual meetings can be created - target date extended to August 2020

Released on 2020-05-07

  • Technical upgrade
  • New feature: 
    • Meeting organizers need to provide timeline and type of next meeting to be scheduled in case of meeting cancellation.
    • All users can view the cancellation reason of meetings

Released on 2020-05-04

2020/04 Release

Released on 2020-04-15

  • COVID19 restriction: Only virtual meetings can be created- target date extended to July 2020

2020/03 Release

Released on 2020-03-16

  • COVID19 restrictions: Only virtual meetings can be created until June 2020
    • Display a popup screen to inform users about the ISO official decision regarding physical meetings
    • Display a banner in the meeting creation wizard to inform about the ISO official decision regarding physical meetings
    • Prevent Meeting Organizers from creating non-virtual meetings held before the target date (June 2020)
    • Convert non-virtual meetings within the time period to virtual meetings

2020/01 Release

Released on 2020-01-15

  • Technical upgrade

2019/09 Release

Released on 2019-09-16

  • Technical improvements to the web-service. No functional changes
  • No longer possible to request a resource without any request parameters (did return too large data)
  • Possibility to request paged results by specifying 2 new "size" and "page" request parameters
  • Performance improvements
  • Reduced resources used on server to improve service stability

2019/07 Release

Released on 2019-07-01

  • Technical upgrade

2019/03 Release

Released on 2019-03-13

  • Technical upgrade

2019/03 Release

Released on 2019-03-04

  • Web-service was denying permission to add national roles when too many potential appointing organizations
  • Web-service no longer allows searching projects by creation nor modification dates. Only assignments modification date (for roles).

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